Here’s what previous clients have said…

“I had never been to therapy before and was nervous about talking about my personal life with a stranger. Sean made me feel our sessions were a safe and non judgemental space for me to start to work through some very overdue things. I noticed a huge positive difference in how I saw myself and how I communicated with others. I would absolutely recommend Sean to anyone.” Natasha

“My journey with Sean has been transformative. I am so much more self-aware and understanding of how my brain works. I am also a lot more comfortable expressing myself and articulating my emotions. What Sean does best is forging a relationship of thoughtful guidance and encouragement. This creates an environment of mutual respect and understanding where you feel safe and empowered to achieve your goals.” Tom

“From the moment I met Sean he completely put me at ease. I felt I could be 100% honest with him and be myself while in his company. My sessions with him made an incredibly positive impact on both my own mental wellbeing and also the health of my relationship. He has equipped me with tools I know I can return to to maintain good mental health. I am a happier, more confident and positive person thanks to Sean’s ability to teach me to help myself. I will be forever grateful.” Jack

“Sean has helped me towards a better understanding of myself and the forces that shaped me.  I have found him to be personable, knowledgeable, insightful and straightforward.  We worked out of doors in a local wooded area. The beautiful outdoor setting provided great stimulation to be both in the moment and hence authentic.” John

“My time with Sean has helped me take a step back so that I could approach a pretty overwhelming period in my life in a calm and considered way. This was my first time with a therapist and Sean’s warm and open approach really helped me understand my own anxieties and motivations, and also how I could start making subtle changes in both my thoughts and actions to help me feel in greater control of my life, my health and general wellbeing. As a result, i’ve already recommended Sean to friends and family.” Tim