My approach

Each of us is capable of living a freer, richer, more fulfilling life. I provide indoor and outdoor therapy drawing from a range of approaches to guide and support you to understand your own personal story, free yourself from restrictive patterns and navigate relationships with others.

Each therapeutic journey is a personal and unique process and there are many reasons why you may choose to enter into therapy. Perhaps you experience feeling stuck in some way; you may recognise that you recycle familiar patterns which limit your experience. You may have difficult thoughts, feelings, and sensations in the body that feel new or familiar. You may engage in behaviours that are unhelpful to yourself and others. Perhaps you have tried to fix this situation in some way but have found yourself unable to break free of your script.

Through an warm, empathic and non-judgemental therapeutic relationship, I will support you to better understand the patterns of how you relate to yourself and others, and work with you to nurture your potential to live a richer more fulfilling life. I offer this in both indoor and outdoor settings.

People often come to me when they are experiencing emotional distress, depression or anxiety. You may be going through a challenging period in your personal relationships or work life or may be feeling a broader sense of unease about your life course. You may have reached a moment where you feel ready to explore a difficult attachment relationship or trauma from your past. In my experience as a therapist, change unfolds naturally through the process as you become more aware of your own story and attuned to how this works through you. As you do so a kinder more empathic relationship with yourself emerges that allows the possibility of a different lived experience. You may notice that you begin to make healthier choices, that you relate to others more easily, and find that your experience of being in the world feels more connected and satisfying.

The main psychological model that informs my work is Transactional Analysis. This is a flexible model combining a range of useful approaches – including cognitive behavioural-style techniques – with depth-psychotherapy, creating space for deeper emotional transformation. I believe in using a range of tools and insights to support individuals to flourish. For instance, I often draw on mindfulness theory and practice in therapy sessions, which I’ve explored as part of my parallel career in the helping professions and as a wellbeing trainer.

I currently offer therapy at a practice in Wilmslow, as well as outdoor therapy in the Bollington area.